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We offer busrental for your every need.

No group is to small, no challenge to big!


Nettbuss is Norways biggest bus company, and all our buses and drivers maintain the best quality.

Safety and environment is always a priority. We are the only buscompany in Norway with the ISO 39001 sertification, a strict sertificationprogram regarding trafficsafety.

You can hire a bus for a transfer from Trondheim airport Vaernes citysightseeing in Trondheim and surrounding areas, transfers in Trondheim, or we can help you to set up a transportplan for the total stay of your group.

Våre beste bussjåfører

Our experience is broad, everything from small groups with airport transfer, companies with conferences in the area, sightseeingtrips for passangers onboard cruiseboats arriving at the harbour, and teams coming to play UEFA games against Rosenborg. References supllied on request.

A tourbus from Nettbuss will always be equiped with:

- Adjustable seats
- Toilets
- Reading lights
- Refridgerator
- Coffee maker
- Radio/CD-player
- DVD-player
- Microphone
- Air Condition
- Guide seat

In some buses we can also offer WiFi.

If your group has special needs we also offer a bus that is specially equipped for transportation of wheelchairs and disabled passengers. This bus is built in cooperation with The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD).

It's all about your dreams, your wishes, and your needs. We are here to enable the implementation of YOUR plan. Rent a bus from Nettbuss today!

Fornøyde kunder på busstur

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