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NSB and Nettbuss are changing their names to Vy

The NSB Group is changing and has decided to bring its train and bus services in Norway and Sweden together under a single new brand name: Vy. 

The new brand name gives the Group’s train and bus services a shared identity and shows customers that NSB is becoming something new. Vy means vista or prospect in Norwegian, and is also used to mean having ambitions or a vision for the future. 

“The NSB Group operates rail and bus services in Norway and Sweden, and owns Norway’s largest bus company, Nettbuss. We are now bringing our rail and bus services closer together, developing new solutions and making it even easier to travel in an environment-friendly way. That is why we need a new, shared identity. The name Norwegian State Railways (NSB) no longer adequately expresses what we do,” says Dag Mejdell, who chairs NSB’s board of directors. 

“The company is no longer the state railway company. NSB is now just one of several train operators who are competing to provide rail services in Norway. We do not own the track, signals, stations or even the trains themselves, but we do work hard every day to provide our passengers with a good journey. A new name will strengthen the competitiveness of both our rail and bus services,” Mejdell continues. 

NSB’s Group CEO Geir Isaksen says: “The transport sector is changing rapidly, and we are changing to meet our customers’ new expectations. Together, NSB and Nettbuss will offer a door-to-door service and make travelling by public transport even more attractive. That is good for society and the environment, and it strengthens our core business, which is to provide rail and bus services. The new, shared brand name highlights the Group’s renewal and helps give customers an overview of our combined passenger service offering.” 

According to board chair Dag Mejdell, NSB’s board of directors unanimously supports this decision, which it has been working on for a long time. 

Vy encapsulates our vision 
Vy is a Norwegian word that means outlook, overview, prospect or vista. Metaphorically, it can also mean ambition or vision.  

In CEO Isaksen’s words: “Vy expresses that we give our passengers opportunities to experience things and see views and gain a new outlook. As a name, Vy is short and simple and shows we are on our way to something new. Behind us, we have a long and proud tradition dating right back to 1883. It is a tradition that we continue to build on. 

Vy reflects the fact that we have a vision on behalf of society and our customers. We aim to create the transport solutions of tomorrow by bringing together both our bus and train services, developing new digital solutions and exploring additional means of transport. At the same time, ensuring high quality and punctual bus and train services will always be our first priority.” 

What happens now  
The proposed new name will be considered at an extraordinary general meeting of NSB’s shareholders on 22 March. When the new name has been approved, NSB and Nettbuss’s customers will gradually start to see a new look on the Group’s trains, buses and city cars, a joint website for train and bus services, and new uniforms for its staff. 

The freight carrier CargoNet, which is also part of the NSB Group, will keep its existing brand name. 

News of the name change was announced at a press conference held at Oslo’s central station on Tuesday, 12 March, at 9am. The press conference was live-streamed. Watch a recording of the press conference >> 

About the NSB Group
- The NSB Group has operations in Norway and Sweden. These comprise the rail passenger service providers NSB Persontog in Norway and Tågkompaniet in Sweden, the bus and coach service provider Nettbuss, and the rail freight carrier CargoNet. The Group also has a separate business area focusing on door-to-door solutions and environment-friendly tourism. 

- The NSB Group has over 10,500 employees in Norway and Sweden. Around 7,000 people work on the bus side, while 3,500 work in the rail side. 

- The Group generated sales revenues of NOK 15.9 billion in 2018 and made a net profit of NOK 466 million. This gives a return on equity of 9.3 per cent. 

- NSB Persontog and Nettbuss, Norway’s largest bus operator, have been part of the same business group since 1925. 

- Nettbuss carried 125.3 million passengers in 2018, while NSB Persontog carried over 70.7 million passengers. The number of rail passengers rose by 6.4 per cent from 2017 to 2018.  

As a result of the reform of the railways sector in Norway, NSB Persontog is purely a passenger service provider, selling tickets and carrying passengers in Norway. The rolling stock, maintenance facilities, ticket system and stations have been hived off from NSB Persontog. Competitive tendering in the rail passenger market began in 2018.  

What’s new from the NSB Group
- In January, the NSB Group launched the Your City Car scheme in Oslo. Using an app on your mobile phone, you can borrow one of 250 electric cars and pay by the minute. 

- The NSB Group has bought two self-driving buses and become a co-owner in the company Applied Autonomy AS, which develops the technology for self-driving buses. 

- The Group is testing new customer solutions in collaboration with third parties, such as the taxi app Mivai and neighbourhood car sharing scheme Nabobil 

- The NSB Group and the ferry company Fjord1 aim to establish a joint national tour company offering environment-friendly travel packages based on scheduled public transport services. 

Contact information:  

Elin Myrmel-Johansen, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the NSB Group 
Tel: +47 934 80 538 

To arrange an interview and for practical information, contact: 

Nina Hauge Schage, Communications Advisor at the NSB Group 
Tel: +47 942 34 416 

Åge Christoffer Lundeby, Head of Media Relations at the NSB Group  
Tel: +47 916 53 449